Behind The Oils

Behind The Oils

In this blogpost we would like to share our view to being sustainable why creating scented candles. 

We opt for the combination of essential oils and fragranced oils in our scented candles with a strong commitment to sustainability. Our choice is rooted in the desire to minimize our environmental impact. The process of extracting essential oils can be extremely resource-intensive, as it typically requires a large quantity of plant material. In some cases, it even necessitates the sacrifice of entire trees to yield just a few milliliters of essential oil. This relentless demand for resources places immense pressure on land and often encroaches upon natural habitats, reducing space for wildlife and pristine forests.

To address these concerns, we've embraced an artisanal approach for our candles that blends the best of two worlds: pure essential oils and premium fragranced oils. These fragranced oils are not only sustainable but also free from harmful compounds like parabens, phthalates. 

This unit combination gives us an opportunity to create scenes which will evoke the most precious memories and will create new ones to remember. 


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